Q&A with Debbie James lighting in Oklahoma City by Tag


Tag from Tag Master News interviews Debbie James-Owner of James Lighting Store OKC

Tag: "Thank you for taking the time to  interview with Tag Master News Oklahoma City Debbie. I'm sure your busy since obviously a lot of work goes into operating the best lighting store in Oklahoma City"

Debbie: "Your more than welcome Tag. Much of our customer base is built on the relationship we have with the local community, so I'm pretty much an open book"

Tag: "That's wonderful, as they are very important word of mouth customers too." You also have family that works with you as well right?

Debbie: "Absolutely Tag, word of mouth is important." "Yes, I'm blessed to work with my mom who everyone calls Hattie and my son who is an expert at lighting fixture and ceiling fan service. He also does a fantastic job of assembly for us" 


Debbie James shares more about herself

Tag: "Are you from Oklahoma?"

Debbie: "Yes I've lived here my entire life"

Tag: "Really! that's cool girl, so you went to school here then"

Debbie: "Yes, right I'm an OSU alumni"

Tag: "Well then go Cowboys if that's how you say it, Any other sports teams you follow?"

Debbie: "Most say Go Pokes, but either way is fine. Another team I follow that should have done better this year kind of has that Cowboys thing wrapped up." "But yes, I'm also a huge Oklahoma City Thunder Fan.

Tag: "Name a few Television shows you like"

Debbie: "Off the top of my head I'd say Gilmore Girls and The Wall"

Tag: "Yes I like The Wall too and the executive producer LeBron James is pretty much the best basketball player ever"

Debbie: "Oh, Don't even get me started."  "LeBron is so handsome" 

Tag: "Good thing I'm not a self proclaimed alpha-male Debbie, I'd be feeling a little puny about right now"

Debbie: [laughs] "Your not a bad looking guy, but your no LeBron" 

Tag: [laughing]"Thanks, Your a busy woman so moving right along here"


Oklahoma City Lighting Store Owner Debbie James talks more about James Lighting.

Tag: "How long have you been operating James Lighting Inc?"

Debbie: "We have been here since 1984" "Prior to my dads passing a few years back myself and him ran the store side by side"

Tag: "Hate to hear it, guess it's been quite an adjustment"

Debbie: "Yes it has"

Tag: "What would you say sets your Oklahoma City Lighting store apart from others"

Debbie: "Kind of like what we talked about earlier to where we have strong ties to the community as well as the builders and contractors who send people our way." "That only goes so far though, the product must speak for itself"

Tag: "I think the quality of the lighting fixtures you sell as well as the unbeatable service is probably key." 

Debbie: "For sure, I just put myself in the customers position." "Our ceiling fans and lighting are going to be part of someones home so of course they want the best backed by a good warranty."